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Winter Retreat with Tracy and Terilyn

JAN 2&3 2021


Let me know if you want the unlisted YouTube links to the four 2 hour retreat recordings-- we are offering them to anyone who feels they could benefit from this healing work. We appreciate donations of any amount that works for you. We accept Venmo, Paypal, checks... Feel free to share  with a friend, and encourage them to donate what they can. For the links, email: tracyogini@gmail.com
Description: What a year! As we look back over this year, what gifts, messages and blessings have we received from this potent, strange and challenging time? How can we utilize what we have learned from this year to show up in a good way to do our work in the world? The time to create a new paradigm is upon us and we need to remember to care deeply for ourselves so we may remain grounded and ready to do the work it takes to build an equitable world for all. This retreat will help us to settle our bodies and minds and take sweet care of ourselves as we dive into the gift of finding our Sankalpa (sacred intention) and how we can use this as a cornerstone for doing our work in the world. This two day virtual retreat will offer morning and afternoon sessions with an hour break in between for lunch. Sessions include asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and self inquiry with more active asana in the mornings. All bodies are encouraged to join.

Yoga Nidra/Yoga Bliss

One Sunday a month (usually the 2nd Sunday)-- 12:15-2pm PST

Yes! I am available for livestreaming privates or socially distanced outdoor sessions.


The classic "Tracy's Yoga Hour" DVD is for sale-- (which is worth having if only b/c is it directed and edited by the talented and famous Lynn Shelton, with a soundtrack by the talented and also very famous Lori Goldston and friends. Note that both of these amazing women have their own Wikipedia entries!

Please email me for further info:


Yoga for Strength & Stability

Smart Strategies for Staying in One Piece!!!


Tuesdays, 12-1:15pm
February 2 (Groundhog Day!)-March 9, 2021

This all-levels series will highlight a different anatomical region each week. Sessions will begin with functional movement patterns for overall healthy range of movement and improved circulation followed by specific strengthening practices to support stability and joint health. The purpose of this series is to improve strength, build bone density with weight bearing exercises, and to help decrease the physical pain that comes from being sedentary and also from physical instability and imbalance, particularly in areas of motion, like joints and the spine. This is a perfect practice for people who want to age well, boost confidence, and learn to be a more educated steward of this body we depend on (and which also depends on us!!!).

Some of the tools we will be using- Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (tennis balls work in a pinch), yoga Blocks, belts, blankets, light weights (common household items like jugs of water often can be used as weights), resistance bands. You might like to have an anatomy book on hand, although it is not required.

LIVESTREAM with Tracy Hodgeman

Cost: $150